Dan Stevens’s New Movie: Watch a Clip from Summer in February — Exclusive
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Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens’s New Movie: Watch a Clip from Summer in February — Exclusive

As we know all too well, Dan Stevens is gone from the world of Downton Abbey. As in the “Killed my character off, showed you his dead body, and zoomed in to make sure you believed it” kind of gone.

Part of Danny boy’s decision to go came from his desire to make it big in Hollywood, and, as hard as it was to say goodbye to Matthew Crawley, we support his new adventures. (Read: We can’t quit Dan Stevens.) Still, it pains us just a little to see Matthew flirting with another lady dressed in period costume. (Lady Mary is still in mourning, sir. How can you do this to her?)

Wetpaint Entertainment has an exclusive clip from Dan’s upcoming film Summer in February, and it gives us a look at the kind of projects he’s been busy with since Downton.

Dressed in a suit that looks more than a little like the ones Matthew used to wear around the Abbey, Dan’s character Gilbert takes in the evening with the lovely Florence Carter-Wood (Emily Browning).

“It’s so beautiful down here, isn’t it?” Florence coos as she and her wannabe beau enjoy their walk. “Yes, it is,” Gilbert replies, gazing in what we like to think is the direction of Downton Abbey’s rolling hills.

His hand moving restlessly in his coat pocket, Gilbert stumbles over his words as he tells Florence he has something to ask her. Um, hold up. Where’s the snow? Matthew Crawley only proposes in the snow!

But before any asking or answering can actually happen, the dashing Alfred Munnings (Dominic Cooper) drops in and totally — how would they have put this in early 20th century England? — crumpet-blocks Gilbert.


Summer in February opens in select theaters on Friday, January 17, and it's currently available on VOD, too. Take your sweetheart, take your sweetheart’s hopeless admirer, take some crumpets and have a jolly good time!

Elisabeth Kramer is an Assistant Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment and our resident Downton Abbey expert. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!

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