Credit: Video Still

First Diddy, and now The Simpsons. It looks like everybody is coming down with a bit of Downton Abbey fever! The beloved historical drama might not be coming back to our TV screens for Season 4 in the U.S. until January 2014, but that doesn’t mean that the world has stopped thinking about it.

The very same day as rap star Diddy released his
Funny or Die spoof Downton Diddy, The Simpsons jumped into the ring with their own silly version of the show. The 25-second promo for Simpton Abbey is up on Fox’s YouTube site, and it (naturally) features Homer as Lord Grantham.

Oddly enough, Marge is not Lady Grantham, but a laundry-toting maid. The cartoon video matches Downton’s opening credits music and signature style perfectly — with a few hilarious Simpsons nods, of course.

In one shot, a servant uses tongs to delicately place a familiar pink frosted donut atop an elegant china plate. At the end of the video, a very confused Homer pops up, loyal dog by his side, to ask, “How did we get here?”

We have no idea how you got here, Homer. But we love it.

Source: Animation on Fox on YouTube