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At the tail end of Downton Abbey Season 4, the evil Mr. Green (Nigel Harmanbit the dust — literally.

The man who viciously attacked and raped beloved lady’s maid Anna Bates (Joanne Froggattback in the January 12 episode found himself on the wrong side of a speeding car during the seventh episode of the season. The London sidewalk where Green was walking was particularly crowded, a baffled Lord Gillingham (Tom Cullen) says of his valet’s mysterious death, leading us to ask: Did someone give Green a little push into oncoming traffic?

As we wait for the finale on February 23 and the answers we hope it’ll provide, let’s play a little game of Downton-themed Clue. The question: Who killed Mr. Green on the street using an automobile?

Suspect #1: Mr. Bates

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Once Anna’s husband, Mr. Bates (Brendan Coyle), learned of the attack, he immediately guessed the smirking sleazeball Green was the man to blame, despite Anna’s desperate attempts to hide the truth and keep her ex-con husband from exacting his revenge. But Bates soon connected the dots and all of a sudden had an urgent trip to make to York. The journey meant Bates was away from Downton the day Green died. Curious, no?

Suspect #2: Anna Bates

Though bruised and battered, Anna isn’t broken. She’s proven that time and again since the attack and, personally, we love the idea that Anna sought out Green to punish him for his crimes. She was, after all, in London with Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) at the time of the “accident.” When Mary headed out to lunch with Lord Gillingham, aka Green’s employer, could Anna have tracked down the vile valet?

Suspect #3: Lady Mary

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Posh she may be, but Mary’s no stranger to breaking the rules. Plus, she owes Anna one for that whole Kemal Pamuk scandal back in Season 1. After lunching with Lord Gillingham and telling him to dismiss Green, she pulled on her gloves and headed into the city. Could she be the one behind the push? Or, more likely, have hired someone to do the task for her?

Suspect #4: Mrs. Hughes

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Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan) looked to have been at Downton the day of the incident but we wouldn’t put it past her to find a way to make good on the blood-chilling threat she leveled at Green. It would just be another day of the head housekeeper taking out the trash.

Suspect #5: Karma

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It’s a b—.

Whichever character (or cosmic force) that’s behind Mr. Green’s sudden death, there’s one thing we know for sure: We’ve never been so happy to have someone die on Downton.

Who do you think killed Mr. Green? Cast your votes below and check out the initial results.

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