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PBS gets by with support from viewers like you and now the channel is giving back big time. For a one-time minimum donation of $120 (or a monthly installment of $10 for a year) PBS will send fans Season 4 on DVD in early January. Seeing as the show isn’t set to air on American TVs until January 5, that means PBS is giving viewers a surefire way to binge-watch ahead of schedule.

Say what?! We could check in on Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and her bouncing baby boy sooner rather than later? We could skip the commercial breaks and go from episode to episode? We could fast-forward through any boring bits (no offense, Edith)? Yes, yes, and yes. Thanks to PBS’s clever donations department, that’s exactly the kind of treat the channel offered during the December 1 PBS special, Return to Downton Abbey.

It’s unclear if the offer is still going on now that the special has aired, but never fear. You can also pre-order Season 4 from the PBS gift store for $39.99, though that copy won’t ship until January 28 as opposed to the “early January” date teased with the special donation.

The channel announced their new marketing scheme during the recent special hosted by Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon. The 90-minute show mixed together behind-the-scenes clips, cast and crew interviews, and video of favorite fan moments, making it the perfect amuse-bouche for the Downton connoisseur. But did it whet the appetite of potential donors?

Did you send PBS a big ole check for $120, or plan to watch on the traditional schedule? Tell us in the comments below.

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