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In the States, there’s no such thing as a Downton Abbey Christmas Special. The special that airs on December 25 over in the U.K. always arrives about two months late on the other side of The Pond and actually gets re-branded as the season finale. Blame the wonky scheduling differences between ITV and PBS for that particular switcheroo.

All this in mind, it doesn’t exactly matter for American viewers if there’s snow for Downton on the season’s last episode. But back in Britain? The cast wants a white Christmas.

“There is a very large campaign going on to make sure that the next Downton Christmas Special will have a tree, snow, and presents,” says Allen Leech, who plays the co-pilot to our dreams, Tom Branson. The dreamy driver explains he and other unnamed members of the cast — Mr. Carson? He does make a good Santa — want a “proper Christmas Special” for the show. “A Christmas, Christmas Special.”

That’s all he’s giving up for now, however. When pressed for more details about Season 5, which begins filming next month and will likely air in the U.K. at the end of September, he kept quiet. “You’ll find out on the 25th of December!”

Or for American viewers, sometime in early 2015!

Source: Radio Times

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