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Downton Abbey Season 4 officially came to a close in the United States at the end of February, but don’t worry! Season 5 is gearing up in the United Kingdom and set to debut there this fall!

In the fifth installment of our favorite period drama, expect even more twists and turns as creator Julian Fellowes continues to weave his early 20th century magic.

Wondering what to expect come the next season? Boy, do we have some stories for you! Below you’ll find all of spoilers related to the next series, and the best news? This is a living document, as in every time we hear even a crumb of potential new gossip about No. 5, we’ll be dutifully adding it here.

Before you start sifting through the stories below, we’ve also got a Season 4 spoiler roundup that chronicles all nine episodes (including the Christmas Special) from that series just in case you need to read up on previous events.

All caught up? Then begin your journey into Season 5!

Filming and Premiere Date

Downton Abbey Renewed for Season 5! When Will It Start?
Practically moments after Season 4 concluded in the U.K., we heard Downton would live to see another day! So when does it start again?

When Does Filming Start for Downton Abbey Season 5?
Obviously, before we can have a premiere, we need some footage. Good news is, filming begins even sooner than you may expect.

Downton Abbey Season 5: How Much Has Already Been Filmed?
Thanks to the helpful tweeting of one Downton star, we have a good idea of how far along Season 5 is.

Downton Abbey Season 5 Filming Begins! New Character Shares Photo from Set
As of mid-February, we know cameras are rolling. See a photo from the first days of filming!

Downton Abbey Season 5: New Character Shares Two Photos from the Set!
We've got two new photos to obsess over. Thanks, Richard E. Grant!

When Will Downton Abbey Season 5 Premiere?
Mark your calendars now, Downtonites!

New Characters

New Cast Members From Girls and 24 Announced For Downton Abbey Season 5!
With new cast members come new characters, including someone from Jimmy Kent’s past!

Downton Abbey Season 5: Meet the New Cast Members!
Get to know the new additions to Season 5!

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoilers: Details on THIS New Character!
One new face fills us in on a couple of choice Season 5 morsels. 

Downton Abbey Season 5 Cast: Who’s In and Who’s Out?
New characters are nice and all but who from the old set will return?

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoilers: New Characters Cast!
Six new characters all under the age of 12? What's afoot at Downton?

Season 5 Plot Spoilers

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoiler: Episode 1 Reveals Sad Secret!
Unfortunately, the latest news out of England is the first episode of Season 5 is going to be a downer.

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoiler: Lady Mary Is Kissing Which Suitor?
Mary gets a kiss but from which one of the men currently vying for her affections?

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoiler: A New Relationship for Branson?
Is love in the air for more than just Mary during the next series?

Downton Abbey Season 5: The Dowager Countess Set to Return!
Praise the heavens! The Dowager will return!

Downton Abbey Season 5: A New Romance for Thomas?
Rob James-Collier has big plans for his character in the new season.

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoiler: Cast Has Big Plans for Christmas Special
The Christmas Special is many moons away but it’s never too early to start planning for the holidays.

When Will Downton Abbey End? Julian Fellowes Says...
We’ve heard when the show may bid its farewells, and it makes us sad.

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