Credit: ITV

We knew Carson and Lady Mary had a close relationship, but not that close.

Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary on Downton Abbey, just had a cute Q&A with Life & Style

Credit: ITV

When they asked for her celeb crush, she answered, "Jim Carter, who plays Mr. Carson on Downton Abbey.” 


In terms of Downton stars, we'd probably go with Rob James-Collier (Thomas) or maybe Matt Milne (Alfred). But it sounds like Michelle also has a celeb girl crush. Asked to name someone with whom she’d like to work, Michelle answered, “Kristen Wiig. I watched her on Saturday Night Live before Bridesmaids, and she's one of the most talented actresses.” Keep it in mind, Hollywood! And on a somewhat related note, shouldn’t a Downton cast member be hosting SNL soon?

Read more from Michelle in the current issue of Life & Style.

Source: Life & Style