Credit: Amanda Leddy/Splash News Photo: Julian Fellowes Wins Emmys for Downton Abbey

In case you've missed the memo, one of the hippest shows this winter was, improbably, PBS/BBC period piece Downton Abbey, which ended its second season on Sunday. This award winning early 20th century drama stole America's heart with its luscious sets and stunning acting, and now ABC is looking to capitalize on that magic with a new miniseries from Downton creator, writer, and general mastermind, Julian Fellowes.

According to TV Guide, Titanic, a four-hour miniseries about the most infamous boat in recent history, is definitely coming to the small screen this spring. ABC is still deciding whether to run the series in April, when the looming spectacle of James Cameron's Titanic 3-D could easily overshadow the show, or hold off until May.

Apparently, the mini-series will zero in on the last few hours of the ship's ill-fated existence. It should come as no surprise to fans of the class-focused Downton Abbey that this new project will center on the relationship between upper and lower classes aboard the boat.

Check out a preview for the series here. If nothing else, it looks like Titanic will be just as beautiful as Downton Abbey:

Credit: YouTube Photo: Preview: Julian Fellowes’s Titanic (VIDEO)

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