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Unfortunately, we already knew one major character would be leaving Downton Abbey after Season 3 (sniff!), but apparently that person won’t be alone.

Downton is finally returning to PBS this Sunday, January 6, and TV Guide spilled that this season will include the addition of three new servants, “each of whom causes some sort of trouble for one of our Downton favorites.” Plus, two major cast members leave — one being that actor who decided to leave the show so they had no other choice but to … write him out.

Credit: ITV


Let’s just be clear on the first guy we know is leaving: It’s Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew. He’s leaving after Season 3, and they are going to kill off his character. So poor Mary gets to be a widow! But TVLine says, “There will definitely be a new man in her life in Season 4. The only question is, will it be someone we’ve met before or someone brand-spankin’ new?”

Never mind that question yet, we’re still wondering about the second major character who leaves after this season!

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