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Thomas (Rob James-Collier) is one of those TV characters you just love to hate. Downton Abbey Season 3 is finally returning to PBS this Sunday, January 6, and we're dying to see what pots the former footman stirs this time.

However, it sounds like things will get serious for Thomas in an emotional way. On Season 1, it was revealed that he's gay, but that's not common knowledge in the Downton household, and it could be an issue this season. Also, it sounds like he's lost his one real friend and ally, the often just-as-awful O'Brien. As we enter Season 3, Thomas has the valet job he wanted, but he’ll get jealous of O'Brien's nephew Alfred, the new footman, and try to get the new guy fired.

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On top of that, actor Rob James-Collier told TV Guide, "[Thomas] falls for someone hard and that's where this journey begins and then culminates in him potentially getting exposed and outed as a homosexual in Downton Abbey." As part of his journey, "we see him pretty much unravel fully, emotionally."

Poor Thomas. He can be a total jerk, but he has to live a secret life because of his sexual orientation, and his status as one of the less lofty "downstairs" folks. Let's cut him a break!

Source: TV Guide

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