Downton Abbey

Season 3 Episode 5

Downton Abbey Season 3, Episode 5: July 1920

Daisy becomes jelaous when Alfred becomes interested in the new maid, Ivy. 
Edith is excited to ge the chance to write a regular newspaper column, but most of the family is not supportive. Isobel offers Ethel  a job as a servant, but Mrs. Bird refuses to work with a prositute and leaves. Robert and Matthew butt heads over how Downton Abbey should be run. Sybil goes into labor, but when her two doctors disagree over her care, Lord Grantham decides not to be over-cautious and seek extra care. Sybil gives birth to a healthy baby girl, but suddenly gets sick and dies later that night, likely from the eclampsia Dr. Clarkson had earlier insisted she was suffering from. Cora then blames her husband for Sybil's death.

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