“Downtrodden” Hank Baskett Checks Into Motel — Fight With Kendra? (UPDATE)
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“Downtrodden” Hank Baskett Checks Into Motel — Fight With Kendra? (UPDATE)

UPDATE (6/29): Regardless of whatever is going on in Kendra Wilkinson's marriage to Hank Baskett, she finally has her mother by her side. Radar Online reports that Kendra and mother Patti Wilkinson hadn't spoken since a falling-out in October 2013, but the two have finally patched things up.

Sources say that Patti reached out to Kendra recently after hearing the rumor about Hank having reportedly cheated on Kendra.

UPDATE (6/22): On Saturday afternoon, the day after Hank stayed at the motel, the whole family reunited for a children's party. They don't look that thrilled in photos, but at least this suggests whatever happened was a temporary thing and not an actual split, as some fans wondered.

Original story (6/21):

Is there trouble in newborn paradise for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett — or just a misunderstanding in The Rumor Mill?

Kendra and Hank just welcomed their second child, Alijah Mary, in mid-May. Now RadarOnline has a story claiming Hank abruptly left the couple’s Calabasas, CA home on Friday and headed to a local motel, along with a woman who could’ve been one of the baby’s nurses, since she was reportedly dressed in what looked like medical attire.

The intel came to Radar from a reporter for The National Enquirer. So there’s that. This spy was apparently already at the gated community where Hank and Kendra live and saw Hank speeding away around 4 p.m. Hank was then seen getting out of his Jeep at an area motel, along with a woman wearing a “medical type uniform.”

“They went into the office of the motel and then pulled the Jeep around to the other side where their room was located,” the source added. “Hank appeared disoriented and downtrodden. At one point, he kicked the ground.” After checking in, this spy said Hank briefly came back out before going back into the motel room.

There’s no word on when he left, presumably because the spy decided to stop following him, as opposed to assuming that he’s still in that motel room. Did a fight of some kind prompt Hank to leave the house? Why would he be there with a baby nurse or some medical person, without the baby, Kendra, or Hank Jr.? Just taking a break from the drama, or was he sick and needed to not spread the germs to the baby or whatnot?

It’s possible cameras will show what, if anything, happened when Kendra on Top premieres. Or — if they feel like it — the couple could clear up the rumor online. It’s not like they’re unfamiliar with rumors and speculation after so many years on the reality TV circuit. But hopefully there’s nothing major going on, since the Basketts just welcomed a second child and they really do have a cute family.

Source: RadarOnline