Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly on Taking Heat For Her Submissive Marriage — Exclusive
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Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly on Taking Heat For Her Submissive Marriage — Exclusive

Though it’s only her first season on Married to Medicine, Dr. Heavenly Kimes has already ruffled more than a few feathers amongst the Atlanta-based docs and wives of docs. A practicing dentist and mother of three, Dr. Heavenly has made clear her preference for a submissive marriage with her husband, an unexpected choice for a career woman like herself.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Heavenly recently and she opened up to us about her thoughts on the husband-wife relationship. She also dished on why she thinks the other women are so bothered by her choice, and how she manages a career while still putting her husband first.

Wetpaint Entertainment: As the newcomer on Season 2, did you already have opinions formed of the women?

Heavenly Kimes: Absolutely. A couple of the ladies, our husbands worked together in the ER, so we had a definite relationship before the show. I did not know the doctors as well. I thought the drama would probably come from the wives, but it came from the doctors.

Why do you think the doctors were more dramatic this season?

I think that had a lot to do with Dr. Heavenly. I think that previous to me, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone were very good friends. But then when you see a very powerful woman that owns several businesses, that has three kids, and actually knows how to submit to her husband and let him be the leader ... I think that was an interesting concept.

You’ve received some criticism with your marriage for being “submissive” to your husband.

I’ve been married almost 17 years now, and no marriage is perfect, but I do know my role as a wife and a mother, and I know his role as the husband, to protect and provide for the family. That’s not based on how much money you make or anything like that, it’s just taking the role of the man. And in order to submit to a man, it has to be the right one, otherwise, don’t marry him.

Did you expect the other women to give you a hard time for your relationship?

I did not expect it — in fact, I did not expect them to take it so wholeheartedly because all I said was that I submit to my husband. So they took that and started saying I’m more of a wife than a doctor, and absolutely I am! My priorities have always been God, family, then career.

But you do have such a busy career. How do you succeed in your business while also putting your husband first?

A lot of people talk about balance — is there such a thing? Absolutely not. It’s a constant struggle — it’s something that we all work on. But I do work part-time, I work from 9 to 2 in my office clinically. I’m able to run businesses and have doctors working so I don’t have to work as hard. I’m not on call, and that’s why I chose dentistry. I didn’t have to do a long residency, so I have more time for what’s important to me, which is my family.

If there’s something that I can’t do, I make sure that it’s done. Like, if it’s laundry or something to eat, I make sure somebody’s there to prepare it for me. I know my role, and I make sure it’s done, even if I can’t do it physically myself.

Married to Medicine airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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