The Vampire Diaries: Dr. Wes and Kol “Conspire” Together (PHOTO)
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries: Dr. Wes and Kol “Conspire” Together (PHOTO)

What are Vampire Diaries dudes Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Dr. Wes (Rick Cosnett) doing hanging out together?! A member of the Original family and the mad scientist who wants to rid the world of vampires? This can’t be good…

“Kol and Dr Wes conspire @natebuzz #tvdfamily#mates #fairdinkumboomerangs,” Rick captioned the Instagram photo of he and Nate looking handsome together. Score another point for the TVD family. This cast sure knows how to bond — even when they’re not on the show at the same time. Nate hasn’t been seen in the TVD-verse since the Season 4 finale when he tried to kill all of the main characters, and Rick didn’t grace us with his pretty face until Season 5. So, it says something about the power of this television show community that they’re apparently “mates.”

Both Nate and Rick have recently had exciting news concerning upcoming roles. Nate has been cast in the backdoor pilot for the Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural: Tribes, and Rick has been cast in the Arrow spin-off, The Flash. Might these two be bonding over their shared TVD experiences that helped launch them into CW spin-offs?

Hopefully, it’s not a meeting of their on-screen counterparts minds. We can only imagine what that would look like: Kol joining forces with the vampire-experimenting Dr. Wes in an attempt to launch another round of attempted revenge against our TVDers. We just assume that he has spent all of Season 5 plotting from the Other Side.

Are you surprised to see these two together? Can you imagine what a Dr. Wes/Kol alliance would look like? Sound off in the comments below!

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