Dracula TV Series With Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Fall TV Preview
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Dracula TV Series With Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Fall TV Preview

If you are a vampire fan, there is none more famous than Dracula! Looking for something to tide you over during those long, hard True Blood hiatuses? We’ve got just the thing. This fall, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will reprise the role of Dracula in NBC’s new show – aptly titled Dracula.

The show gets an oh-so-cursed Friday night spot but, as cartermatt.com points out, it’s a good pairing with NBC’s Grimm.

The series is brought to you by some reputable folks, too, as it comes from the producers of Downton Abbey and the director of The Tudors. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has the sexy-to-somewhat-scary ratio down perfectly, and that’s definitely a prerequisite for playing Dracula.

As with our beloved
True Blood, we’re likely in for as much sex as gore, but NBC won’t be able to get away with showing quite as much. Nevertheless, Hannibal has managed to be downright gruesome at times, so times they are a’changin’.

As cartermatt.com points out, it’s best to watch trailers with a bit of skepticism, as they can arftully cover flaws, but we’d bet money this is going to be a hit. Set in Victorian London, the costumes look like they are going to be as appealing to the eye as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who just may take over the role of best looking vampire from Robert Pattinson.

Just when we thought vampires were going out, they reel us back in like the bloodthirsty TV-lovers we are. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think!

Source: cartermatt.com

06.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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