Ariana Grande

Drake Bell Denies Dissing Ariana Grande: “I Think She Is Incredibly Talented!” (VIDEO)

Before all of the Arianators virtually storm Drake Bell’s castle, pitchforks in hand, they should probably hear what he has to say. The former Drake & Josh star was quoted earlier this week as saying his Nickelodeon contemporary Ariana Grande “is a billionaire before she’s been an artist,” seemingly questioning her work ethic. But the actor is now taking to Twitter to clarify his real feelings toward the rising pop star.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the 27-year-old was quoted as saying, "I don't think a lot of these young people have to work very hard. They're found on YouTube and, boom, thrown into the studio so they think they can get anything they want. Ariana Grande is a billionaire before she's been an artist. You have to work to be able to appreciate what you have, and what work did she ever have to do in her life?"

But after the internet went wild with disapproval, Drake backtracked his statements in some tweets, writing, "Didn't say that about @ArianaGrande I lover [sic] her and think she is incredibly talented!! Just for the record :).”

Not only does Drake say he’s not a detractor of Ari, he also seems to be a bit of a fanboy. He followed up that first tweet with a number of photos of himself looking cozy with the “Right There” singer. In addition, he included a video of Ariana singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” which he captions, “Ariana Grande damn if only I could sing half this good!!" #Truth.

But don’t expect a similar apology out of Drake for his statements about Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. "I can't stand that, with a lot of the pop stars, there's this idea of 'Are you in our clique? Are you a Directioner or are you a Belieber? Oh, you're not in our gang? Then you're not cool and you need to go in a hole and die,’” the singer-songwriter told Buzzfeed. “I don't understand it. And what's worse is artists like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber don't come out and say, ‘I love having you as my fans, but you shouldn't be acting this way.' They just eat it all up, and I think it's repulsive."

So many fighting words! What do you think of Drake’s statements? And do you buy the things he said about Ariana? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Buzzfeed