Drake Reveals Which Member of the Kardashian Family is His “Queen”!
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Drake Reveals Which Member of the Kardashian Family is His “Queen”!

As a successful musician, it’s unlikely that Drake spends much time without a beautiful woman on his hip, but the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family hold a special place in the singer’s heart.

In a new interview with E! Online, Drake reveals that, while he’s not trying to date any of Bruce Jenner's brood, he’s gotten pretty tight with the reality family as of late.

“I'm just a friend,” he tells reporter Alicia Quarles. “I really like Kylie Jenner a lot, I really like Kendall Jenner. Everybody's really nice. Khloé’s really nice."

While the family is full of “nice” girls, there’s one that sticks out in particular for the former DeGrassi star: "Obviously, you know, the queen of it all - Kris Jenner - she's my favorite. She's the boss."

Although he’ll probably never get a shot a romantic relationship with his queen, Drake did reveal what he looks for in a girl: "I need somebody funny, I need somebody driven. I like unique goals. You know, you talk to a lot of girls and they're like 'oh modelling, acting.' I like to hear about school, I like to hear about wanting to be a business owner.”

At the end of the day, however, the sense of humor and some spunk are the most important thing for the Canadian crooner.

“It can’t be boring at dinner,” he says. “We gotta laugh.”

Source: E! Online