Drake and Rihanna Grind on Stage — See the Steamy Performance Here! (VIDEO)

Call us crazy, but we’ve always sort of held a torch for the historied romance between Rihanna and Drake. The super-sexy duo first sold us on their compatibility in the video for “What’s My Name,” their 2010 collab, and then again in their 2012 follow-up “Take Care.” We really like the idea of these two making beautiful music together — both on and off their albums — so we couldn’t be more excited about their rumored reunion.

Whether or not they’re officially together — and all signs are pointing to yes — Drake and Rihanna are sure having a fun time teasing us with the idea of it. After they were spotted earlier this week gallivanting around Paris together, they took their chemistry to the stage at Drake’s concert last night. And guys, it was HOT.

Rihanna jumped up in front of the audience to help her rapper pal perform “Take Care” and the tension was palpable. They even grinded a little! Plus, they are literally gazing and smiling at one another the entire time. The audience was loving it, by the way, and rightfully so.

Now, we are trying not to get our hopes up that the former couple, who originally dated in 2009, have revived their relationship. But if they have, we’re in full support. Drake is a solid — and adorable! and smart! — choice for RiRi, who has a history of making some bad dating choices. Just don’t break Drake’s heart again, girl!

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