Does ABC’s Dramatic Bachelorette Promo Reveal One of the Final Two?
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Does ABC’s Dramatic Bachelorette Promo Reveal One of the Final Two?

Gird your lady-loins, Bachelor Nation, because it looks like ABC just accidentally-on-purpose revealed one of Desiree Hartsock's final two contestants. The scene of the crime? None other than the hugely dramatic promo for August 5th's season finale, which features one of Des' hunks all dolled up in a suit holding a fabulous diamond ring!

Here's what goes down: first we see a disembodied hand holding a sparkly band. Then the camera cuts to none other than Chris Siegfried! Now, keep in mind the camera doesn't pan up Chris' hot body, which means this could be a trick of fancy editing courtesy of ABC's interns. However, the cuff in the ring-shot seems to match the color of Chris' suit and dress shirt, so we're thinking it’s very likely he’s a finalist in the race to win Des' heart. In fact, it looks like he pops the question!

No concrete word yet as to whether or not Des accepts Chris' proposal, but the fact that he's a finalist means that Drew Kenney or Brooks Forester will be ousted during next week's all-new episode (airing July 29)!

Time to place your bets, Bachelor Nation. Do you think Des will auf Brooks or Drew? Or will one of them walk away from the competition? Spill your theories below.

Source: YouTube