Drew Carey Lost 5 Pounds in One Week After THIS Dance on Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

Drew Carey Lost 5 Pounds in One Week After THIS Dance on Dancing With the Stars

Drew Carey lost 80 pounds before even showing up on Dancing With the Stars Season 18, and he lost five more pounds before getting the boot last night on Week 6. And he lost all the DWTS weight in one week!

After his elimination, Drew said the one dance that was so incredibly taxing it took five pounds right off him was his Week 5 Disney Night Quickstep. “That dance is murder," Drew told Good Morning America. He called it "merciless" to On the Red Carpet, adding, "I pity anybody who's doing the Quickstep."

Don't pity them if they're trying to lose weight! It sounds like a quick, if not easy, way to do it.

It’s kind of surprising Drew didn’t lose more weight, just from stress and hustle. His pro partner Cheryl Burke called him the hardest-working man in showbiz, since he balanced two shows of The Price is Right a day, plus five or six hours of daily DWTS rehearsals, and touring for his stand-up performances. There’s probably a part of him that’s relieved to have one job out of the way after Party Anthem Night.

Cheryl told OTRC, if they hadn’t been eliminated and Drew made the Semifinals, Drew’s body wouldn’t be too different. He doesn’t need to lose more weight, she said, but he might gain more muscle from all the training. We should still see them in the Finals, when all the couples return, so he’ll have to squeeze a bit more time into his schedule for DWTS.

Are you surprised to hear the Quickstep managed to melt five pounds off Drew in one week? Are you sad to lose Drew for the rest of the season, or do you think it was his time?