Bachelorette Runner Up Drew Kenney: Where Is He Now?
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Bachelorette Runner Up Drew Kenney: Where Is He Now?

It's been so long since we've checked in on Drew Kenney. This living Ken Doll made quite a name for himself on Bachelorette Season 9, where his charming personality and possibly-plastic hair coif won the heart of Desiree Hartsock. You know, until she sent him packing back from whence he came (a Barbie Dream House, we assume).

So, what's Drew been up to since making our hearts beat faster as one of Des's final contenders? When he isn't bro-ing out all over the place with his Bachelor Nation co-stars (no seriously, check out this picture from the Jingle Ball… candy canes are officially ruined), Drew can be found working as a bartender at Hakkasan in Los Angeles.

His new gig keeps him pretty busy (he even got to poor drinks for Selena Gomez's Flaunt magazine party!), but he finds time to flee the state to visit his family (including his sister, Melissa) and his Bachelor family (including his sister-from-another-mister, AshLee Frazier).

Of course, it makes perfect sense that Drew is so connected to his Bachelor Nation brosefs. Last we heard, he was dating none other than Chris Harrison's assistant, Vanessa Magos! Drew and Vanessa have been linked since early October, and a source tells Us Weekly that "she's a good girl and perfect for him. They have a lot in common, and he is crazy about her."

Sigh, Chris Harrison. It's like he just can't help but be a matchmaker –– even when he's off the clock! Of course, a Bachelorette minute is a short one, so who knows what’s going on these days.

In other news, Drew is still a huge sports fan, makes the occasional red carpet appearance, and makes sure to work in some part-time modeling gigs between being a professional bartender and a professional stud. Good to know he's doing so well in life post-Bachelorette!

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