Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack\'s Four Bars in Austin, Texas
Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack’s Four Bars in Austin, Texas
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The Bachelor

Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack’s Four Bars in Austin, Texas


The Chuggin' Monkey
219 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78701


Yelp rating, based on 38 reviews: 3/5 stars

Review excerpts:

"If you consider how many college girls frequent 6th Street and the amount of time I spent there, it's a wonder I didn't hit on any."

"first bar we hit my first night in austin. i did NOT like they way they tried to stiff me for a well drink at happy hour. [was supposed to be $2/ well, and they charged me $8]. after i brought this to their attention, they denied it and then finally said they would reimburse me with two more well drinks. GUESS WHAT- $8 / $2 each = 4 drinks, not 3."

"After reading I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, we had to make the road trip here. We drove up from Corpus with a camelbak full of redbull/vodka and ice. The first bar served us flaming Dr Peppers. Each bar we got to was better and better. The apex of the night was definitely Chuggin Monkey...beautiful girls, good drinks and service. We ended up getting kicked out because my friends picked a fight with some guy in the bathroom...bros before hoes."

"Total. Bro. Bar."

"This place effing ruled. Or so I've been told. I don't really remember much, to be perfectly honest."

From the bar's MySpace page: The Chuggin' Monkey is "a high-energy bar" where everyone is welcome.

Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack’s Four Bars in Austin, Texas
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The Dizzy Rooster
303 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78799


Yelp rating, based on 21 reviews: 2.5/5 stars

Review excerpts:

"Strong drinks but way too many roosters and not enough hens !! Drink and move on"

"...the bartenders are hot...I'm somewhat newly single and boy crazy..."

"The girls on the bar are unecessary and unsafe! ... Most girls up there are too drunk to even keep themselves on top of the bar! Case in point- a girl ROLLED off the bar and knocked a pint glass on the floor shattering it on my foot!"

"This was the first ever bar I visited in Austin. It was completely by chance that we visited this place. Did I know at the time it was the Real World bar? No. Did I care the next day after I found out? No."

"Yes, the floor is tiny. That's why you dance on the bar. Wear leggings. Or pants. It's Austin, not Bangkok."

"Tiny bar. Tiny dance floor. Sketchy old guys standing around tiny dance floor, just watching. We left in under 30 seconds."

From the bar's MySpace page: The Dizzy Rooster's site insists, "You can't do 6th street with out 'Gettin' Dizzy.' Dizzy Rooster was born in 2003 and has been a staple of downtown Austin ever since. Wes Womack, Brad Womack, Chad Womack, Jason Carrier, and Tony Newnham had the idea of the ultimate 'Party Bar' where the jello shots fly it is a must to dance on the bar... Come on by The Rooster... We dare you to not have fun!"

Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack’s Four Bars in Austin, Texas
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Molotov Lounge
719 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78701


Yelp rating, based on 70 reviews: 3/5 stars

Review excerpts:

"Really like Molotov. The entire bar gives off a cool, badass vibe. I'm 6ft, pretty tall for an Asian, but I feel short in this bar because every other guy is 6'4" or taller. This is another hot place to hit up with a trendy crowd. An example of young and fabulous is when I saw a pretty blonde girl walk out, gave up her valet ticket, and drives off in her shiny clean Maserati. Yep, that kinda bar. The bartenders are great. They take pride in their specialty drinks and they make really good cocktails, according to my gf. It's a large bar with an upstairs patio that's usually packed. Definitely a place to hit on west 6th"

"Just treat Molotov's like an adventure zoo ride, then you'll have a great time. Just walk in and secure a seat on the upstairs patio and let the magic begin... Ahhh, here comes a male deebag now, notice how he claims a spot at the bar and adjusts his posture to a cool elbow lean; he's presenting his awesomeness to any passing female who might take notice. But wait, a rival nears, threatening his bar space! He quickly readies a business card, ready to strike at any time. If this place didn't have a rooftop bar it would get 1 star, but since it does, it's an auto-3 star. Just never go when the deebags are in mating season (past 1am) or be prepared to protect your females."

Visit the bar's MySpace page.

Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack’s Four Bars in Austin, Texas
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The Dogwood
715 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78701


Yelp rating, based on 21 reviews: 3.5/5 stars

Review excerpt:

"Was drug here this weekend after a kickball party and was pleasantly, NOT disgusted. Let me state for the record that I am not a big fan of W 6th Street (If you know Atlanta, picture Buckhead...blech!) However, the drinks were yummy and the space was beautiful!!! If there were extra stars for interior design this would certainly get another. Its very, very well designed in terms of openness and flow- by the time we left there was a line 25 deep to get in this place, but you could not realllly tell as long as you were maintaining convo with your group. I would go back again, but HH is more my style. The D-bags some other reviewers spoke of where most certainly staging a mass invasion by the time we left there @11:30ish."

"One thing missing- purse hooks. Oh purse hooks. They said they would have them soon....one can only hope! :-)"

"Been here 3 times since the grand opening. Chad and Brad you aim to please and you deliver. This bar is always hopping, with great drink specials and friendly staff it's hard not to be busy. You will continue to see me at Dogwood. Fashion Show afterparty was a hit! Love the patio with the washer game too!"

Drink up! A Guide to Brad Womack’s Four Bars in Austin, Texas
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Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack co-owns four bars with his brothers, Chad and Wes, in Austin, Texas: The Chuggin' Monkey, Molotov Lounge, The Dogwood, and the Dizzy Rooster. If you're an Austin local, you might already be a regular, but in case you're an out-of-towner wanting to know where to grab a beer, listen to a live set, or bust a move, we've got the insider deets on Brad's joints. According to TV Fan Space, Chuggin' Monkey and Dizzy Rooster, which were both featured on The Real World: Austin, are said to be among the best on Austin's popular 6th Street.