Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo Says Renee Graziano Is a “Co-Worker” Not a Friend
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Mob Wives’ Drita D’Avanzo Says Renee Graziano Is a “Co-Worker” Not a Friend

Listen up Mob Wives: New Blood fans. Drita D’Avanzo has heard all of your belly achin’ on social media about how she and Big Ang have been bad friends to Renee Graziano, and she’s got some things she’d like to get off her chest.

After last week’s January 30 episode of the VH1 reality show, Drita took to her blog to clear the air on why she and Ang haven’t technically “sided” with Renee throughout her ongoing battle with new Philly cast members Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guercio.

“I do read tweets and again people think that me and Ang are NOT STICKING UP FOR RENEE ENOUGH, and asking me why if I am friend[s] with her for so long, [why I’m] not [siding] with her on any level,” the Staten Island gal begins. “I would like to clear up some misunderstandings.”

For those who have been calling Drita out for being disloyal to her friend of many years, she starts out by clarifying the actual state of their relationship. Although she has known Renee for a long time, she says, she was actually closer friends with Renee’s younger sister first. “She was my friend’s older sister,” Drita details. “We were never friends in the past.”

Over time, the two grew closer through their on-camera experiences, but they are first and foremost colleagues. “Renee and I are co-workers and are in a good place,” she admits.

As longtime viewers can attest, Drita can always be counted on to be straightforward and honest with her opinions, which she does here: “I definitely side with what’s right and what I think is wrong. Lately Renee has been WRONG. So I am trying to see both sides to the stories and make sense out of it. I’m not taking sides.”

And though Drita sees Renee as being the one on the wrong side of this argument, she insists that she’s just as friendly with both Natalie and Renee. “ I’m actually cool with both parties and want them to be cool with each other. If Natalie was wrong I WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM SAYING IT. Trust me.”

At the end of the day, Drita knows that loyalty is important — but that being honest is just as important. “I would like to be able to stick up for Renee since I know her longer BUT she is making that difficult to do,” the OG Mob Wife says.

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