Glee Season 5: Top 5 Most Glaring Dropped Storylines
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Glee Season 5: Top 5 Most Glaring Dropped Storylines

There are more than a few Glee storylines that we kind of want to forget about. Like the fact that Rachel’s ex, Brody, was a gigolo. (Huh?) However, there are plenty of other storylines that we want more info about but that have seemingly been erased from the show in Season 5.

And while storylines have vanished throughout the whole series like, why didn’t Artie just hire someone to fix that ReWalk? we decided to pick the top 5 lost storylines that are most jarring in this current season. Because who else is going to be nitpicky, if not us?

1. What exactly was the point of the Ryder-Unique Catfish plot?

Remember in the Season 4 finale, when Ryder (Blake Jenner) vowed to never speak to Unique (Alex Newell) again after she pretended to be “Katie.” Ryder even went as far as to insist that he’d quit glee club after Regionals. Glee’s writers apparently forgot, as Ryder is still in New Directions, while he and Unique seem to be getting along fine. Glad to see it’s water under the bridge.

2. Brittany is too busy getting her math on to send a text?

Glee Season 5: Top 5 Most Glaring Dropped Storylines
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Sure, MIT is demanding. But for someone who didn’t appear to be an avid studier, you’d think Brittany (Heather Morris) would at least have a minute to give Santana (Naya Rivera) or her other pals an update on Boston. Instead, no one on the show even mentions Brittany including Sam (Chord Overstreet), who actually married her. Brit needs to put down the fondue and hop on Skype for a minute.

3. What’s Karofsky doing now?

We found Karofsky’s (Max Adler) storyline to be incredibly moving as he began to gain self-acceptance after an attempted suicide in “On My Way” except we didn’t exactly realize that we would never hear from the poor guy again. So did he ever graduate? We keep hoping Kurt might connect with him or run into him in NYC, but we’re not gonna hold our breath.

4. Where is Sue’s daughter, Robin?

Glee Season 5: Top 5 Most Glaring Dropped Storylines
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Granted, Robin was at least mentioned during this week’s Season 5, Episode 4: “A Katy or a Gaga.” But while even Robin getting name-dropped is a rare occurrence, we’re wondering where she even is most of the time. And the bigger question is: Was there really a good reason to make Sue a mom? We’re thinking not.

5. Where’s Sugar? Or Joe? Or…

Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) and Artie (Kevin McHale) were cute together… until Artie started dating Kitty (Becca Tobin), and Sugar disappeared without a trace. The same was true with Joe (Samuel Larsen) and Quinn (Dianna Agron), until their relationship stopped, and then Joe too left for no reason. And we never got an explanation for Matt (Dijon Talton) transferring. Or Jacob Ben Israel's (Josh Sussman) absence. Someone needs to organize a search party, stat.

So frustrating!

What's the big deal?

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