Duck Dynasty Star Joins Dancing With the Stars — Awesome or Sick of “Controversial” Reality Stars?
Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/A&E    

Dancing With The Stars

Duck Dynasty Star Joins Dancing With the Stars — Awesome or Sick of “Controversial” Reality Stars?

If you were hoping Dancing With the Stars Season 19 would be reality star free, today's cast announcement must have left you disappointed since it included Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson. Like so many of Dancing With the Stars's reality picks, Sadie isn't 100 percent controversy free.

Sadie, the 17-year-old daughter of Duck Commander's current CEO, Willie Robertson, is no outspoken NeNe Leakes type, aka she isn't controversial for her own sake. However, her grandfather is Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who made major waves in late 2013 with remarks that many found deeply homophobic and racist. Phil was briefly suspended from the show by A&E, but quickly reinstated after fans protested, arguing that he was just sharing his beliefs, which spring from his faith and interpretation of the Bible.

Again, none of this is directly about Sadie, but at this point just hearing the words Duck Dynasty evokes that scandal for many people, and we have to think the Dancing With the Stars Powers That Be know that. In many ways, the casting of Sadie feels similar to the casting of Bristol Palin — like Bristol, she's a young girl just doing her thing, but is inherently caught up in a political/cultural war thanks to her older, more famous relative.

Is that a bad thing? Or do you think Sadie — who is young and, if she has any dance talent, has the potential to go far — is a good addition to the cast?

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