Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Night in Jail: 13 Moments From His January 23 Arrest (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber finally has his court date to face charges from his January 23 arrest: May 5! It's an awful long time to wait for more news of the pop star's legal woes. Since we can't dance with Selena Gomez to pass the time, let's take a look at the parts of the night in question caught on tape.

Paparazzi and surveillance footage and photos detail Justin's movement the night of his arrest for an alleged DUI — and with a batch of videos from a Miami Beach Police Department jail released earlier this month, we can get a pretty solid look at the Biebs' movements from the night in question.

Our friends at ClevverTV put together 13 of the best and most interesting moments from the night, starting with TMZ footage of fans swarming his rented yellow Lamborghini, right on up to… well, fans swarming Justin after his release. In between, we get a shot of the police report drawn up by Justin's arresting officer, Justin getting his pants pulled up by cops (he promptly pulled 'em back down, natch), and Justin getting in 23 pushups while locked up.

Because there's no way anyone can truly Belieb without seeing Justin make two tries at walking a straight line, check out all the visuals of the night of Justin's arrest in the video above.

Now that you've seen the footage, how do you think Justin's trial is going to pan out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!