‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Melody & Sky Black Out on Dutchess: Watch Your F—king Mouth!
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‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Melody & Sky Black Out on Dutchess: Watch Your F—king Mouth!


Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess and Ceaser went their separate ways this season, with Cease proceeding to casually date several women before making things official with Love & Hip Hop’s Karlie Redd.

One of those women, Allison, was introduced to Cease by Black Ink receptionist Sky, a mutual friend of both exes.


Dutchess took this as a major betrayal, venting to tattoo artist Melody that Sky was never a true friend. She then proceeded to take a few low blows, claiming Sky’s own mother doesn’t love her.

“She needs some help. If your own mother can’t call you on your birthday and doesn’t really care about you, I understand why you can’t care about other people, too.”


The North Carolina native also went for the jugular by claiming Sky never loved the children she gave up for adoption as a teenager, a very sensitive subject for the Harlem girl.

“You ain’t never had love for me or yourself, just like you ain’t have love for them kids you birthed.”


That last statement, which Dutchess made during her confessional, was simply too much for Sky.

The tatted-up beauty took to Instagram shortly after the clip premiered to let Dutchess know it could be a major problem when they run into each other.


Melody also called out Dutchess for what she said in her confessional, saying she regrets sitting with her that day and would have checked her in person if she knew she would say something so uncalled for.

“I’m watching Black Ink right now, and I have to say, Ms. Dutchess, you need to watch your f—king mouth. I don’t know what that comment was about Sky’s kids, but it is un-f—king-called for and is not cute.”


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“And I feel stupid as f—k sitting at that table with you. No bitch, if I knew you said that s—t in the interviews, I would have let you know something right then and there. But let me just say I’m not surprised by the comment.”


Do you think Dutchess crossed the line by speaking on Sky’s kids? Sound off below.