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DWTS Hidden Gems of Week 4

Annie Barrett from EW.com shares the most ridiculous shots of DWTS celebs and judges this week. The judges seem to be micro-managing the dancers. Carrie Ann shows the dancers how to "back that thang up" with a disjointed finger, while Bruno tries to keep the rhythm by beating his hand against the judges' desk. And don't forget the snippets of background action this week. Cheryl texts in rehearsal, Erin tries to flag the cameras down in front of Kate's face, and when Tony declared it a miracle that Kate Gosselin was speechless, the utter shock, humor and OMG reaction that Anna Trebunskaya had behind her was awesome! These moments and more below:

Just one question: Why is Carrie Ann's finger out of its socket while she's reviewing Maks and Erin's performance? Is she double-jointed? Freaky.

Chad "sexily" practices his hip action while Cheryl (completely unimpressed) texts in the background. So much for that show-mance! Good luck getting that new car Cheryl.

Bruno just might be the biggest control freak on the planet. He can't help but keep time while Chad and Cheryl do the Tango.

This photo is near the beginning of the show, after Chad and Cheryl have danced. They go to a commercial break and Chelsie throws up her hand in front of Kate's face. Sweet blockage!

After receiving no camera love during Week 3, our favorite random members of the Harold Wheeler Ensemble got the close-up they deserved.

This pic speaks for itself: we're just glad we weren't in it. We think Tony might feel the same way. His face is screaming, "help me!"

Looks like Nicole went shopping with one of the back-up singers for DWTS. Was there a sale on at the Princess Sparkle Shop?
Refresher course: Who is Princess Sparkle? ''She's a mythical creature on Planet Mirrorballus whose song is similar to a siren's, leading unsuspecting celebrities to crash and burn on the planet's bedazzled shores of the dance floor.''

Kate seemed to be having a bad night in terms of screen time. In this shot, even Tony seems bent on hiding Kate's face from the camera.

First Kate is told her dancing has improved, then she's speechless when her scores are announced. It only takes a second for Anna to start to LOL. She tries to contain herself in the bottom photo, but no luck, she can't believe Kate could clam-up.

Niecy Nash looked like she was drowning in her own sea of blue and it looks like Louis is oblivious to her dilemma.

Where do they get the ideas for those crazy DWTS costumes? Well, now we know where they get their inspiration: Nintendo, of course!

I guess we can add one more DWTS love connection to the list: Derek and his beloved wall.

This photo is of Buzz Aldrin's body breaking in half and being propelled outta the ballroom by a burning, gaseous ball. Wow, whomever Photoshopped this was kind enough to cut off Ashly's head. So much for partner solidarity.

What's with the matching argyle sweaters in the audience? The guy on the right looks good in argyle, then meat-head on the left is pissed his mom dressed him that morning. Get out your notebooks because there will be a test after the show.

Check out the mirror ball on the piano bench during Chad and Cheryl's rehearsal. Disco fever!

That wraps up the best of the worst for this week's photos. Check back in soon for more behind-the-scenes pix.

04.16.2010 / 01:20 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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