DWTS Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Talks Dating — Is He Seeing Anyone? (VIDEO)
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Val Chmerkovskiy

DWTS Pro Val Chmerkovskiy Talks Dating — Is He Seeing Anyone? (VIDEO)

Impossibly handsome and stylish Dancing With the Stars pro Val Chmerkovskiy recently opened his New Jersey home to Social Life Magazine for a great nearly 13-minute interview, talking about everything from the show to his love life.

Val and magazine interviewer Christine Montanti discussed Val's run with Elizabeth Berkley on DWTS Season 17, his clothing line Valentin, his brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s DWTS experience, and his own dating status. Val also made his interviewer an espresso in his gorgeous kitchen and twirled her around for a little dance. In short, we hate her it seemed like a dream day.

While sitting on his fancy couch, Val mentioned another role he plays on DWTS, beyond teacher and choreographer: "I'm a therapist more than any other quality that I mentioned. It's a huge process, there's a huge workload, physically but also mentally."

Christine asked him what happens if you don't like your partner. "That's tough," Val admitted (from experience...?). “That's a tough situation, but you understand that your success is pretty much at the mercy of your chemistry. You never want to force a chemistry but sometimes you have to. Or you kind of adapt, you adjust, you see what's great about this person and you try to focus in on that rather than dwell on the negatives or the things that you don't share in common."

Spoken like a good therapist. Val has been pretty lucky in the chemistry department, having it in very different ways with Kelly Monaco, Zendaya, Sherri Shepherd, and Elizabeth. (Maaaybe not so much with Elisabetta Canalis.)

Val's older brother Maks, 33, was on the show for 13 seasons before seguing into a guest judging role. Val, 27, has only been on the show for five seasons and he doesn’t want his own experience to be flavored by Maks’ very different journey.

"He's felt a lot, he's gained a lot, he's had an incredible time, but he's also felt a lot of disappointment,” Val said. “He's felt a lot of defeat, unfair defeat sometimes, and he has — I hate to say, but — a certain jaded feeling about it, in certain circumstances. Where, I'm young, I'm enthusiastic, I got on the show and I don't want to feel like 'I've got to do this...' I want to make my own mistakes. It's not corny that I'm passionate about being there."

Good for him. If you put yourself out there, you may get your heart broken, but better to take the risk than be scared off by someone else's experience.

Speaking of Maks' past experience, he was the Bachelor in Ukraine. Maybe Val should follow that lead and be the next Bachelor — there or here. He's open-minded, a good therapist, corny, passionate, he has a gorgeous home and he isn't hard to look at — shirtless or clothed. Val told Christine “I’m not dating” anyone, but he added that he doesn’t have time to commit to a relationship right now. He’s very driven and focused on his career. But then he also said he’s “romantic” and “very interested” in marriage and wants to be a great dad like his own father.

So he’s going to need to carve out some time to meet The One. Maybe this year isn’t the right time, but ABC could clear a spot for him as the 2015 Bachelor...

Watch Val's full video for a lot more.