DWTS Producer: Pamela Anderson & Tristan MacManus are a \
DWTS Producer: Pamela Anderson & Tristan MacManus are a “Delicious” All-Stars Pair
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DWTS Producer: Pamela Anderson & Tristan MacManus are a “Delicious” All-Stars Pair


Pamela Anderson said she was swearing off men until the end of Dancing With the Stars Season 15 All-Stars, but she didn't mean her dance partner. If we were paired with Tristan MacManusDWTS's most adorable tongue-traveling Irish lucky charm — we'd be fine without all other men too.

Pam and Tristan have their work cut out for them in that they are a new couple, as opposed to one of the re-paired past partners. Plus, she is the only non-finalist in the mix at this point and he's still relatively untested, having only competed on two past seasons.

But we're excited to watch them dance — and so is DWTS executive producer Conrad Green.

''They look gorgeous together and, you know, she's a funny woman, Pam," Conrad told Entertainment Weekly. "She's got a good dry sense of humor about herself. And Tristan will get her. He's just a lovely bloke, and Pam's such a unique person, kind of a classic celebrity of our era, really. So the idea of those two together is delicious.''

Pam loved flirting with Damian Whitewood back on Season 10, and we can only imagine she’ll eat Tristan up like candy. What do you think they should call themselves? Team Pam-Mac? Team MacAnderson? Entertainment Weekly’s Annie Barrett joked that they were “magically” delicious, so maybe that should be their name?

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the full All-Stars cast list here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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