DWTS Pros Weigh In on Guest Judges — Who Was “Great”? Who Should Return?
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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Pros Weigh In on Guest Judges — Who Was “Great”? Who Should Return?

Dancing With the Stars Season 18 had more guest judges than any other season — from Week 3 to the Semifinals. The pros have already weighed in on how much they did not care for Abby Lee Miller (some of them shared their feelings years ago, and those feelings have not changed), but what about the other judges?

The final four couples were all on Good Morning America the day after the Finale, and the pros were asked if they liked having guest judges every week.

"I liked having different dynamics in there," Derek Hough said. "There were certain people I didn't care for.” Everyone laughed at that. No names given, but … everyone knew who he meant. “But I thought it was nice to have different energy in the room sometimes." Mark Ballas said having Kenny Ortega was great, Peta Murgatroyd added that Ricky Martin was good too.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy said, "I think pretty much everybody did an amazing job, except for somebody we don't care for." (All the shade!) Maks also singled out Redfoo’s Party Anthem week. "He was great. He didn't say one constructive thing, but it was amazing." Everyone laughed, and Derek said, "I couldn't get past the tiger print paddles!"

Yeah, how come he’s the only one who got blinged-out paddles? Julianne Hough would’ve loved that. She’s not the judge Maks was talking about with the “somebody we don’t care for,” but you know he didn’t care for her comment.

But that’s in the past. Unless it’s also in the future? Len Goodman hinted to possibly being ready to retire from DWTS, which would leave at least one permanent seat opening, and two if Bruno Tonioli decides he doesn’t want to do the London-L.A. commute without Len, which he’s hinted to before. What if Julianne and Maks returned as sparring judges on Season 19? Would that be awesome or awful?

Source: Good Morning America