Dancing With the Stars Results: Season 16 Mirror Ball Winner Crowned
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Results: Season 16 Mirror Ball Winner Crowned

The time has come, Dancing With the Stars fans. By the end of tonight's live finale broadcast, a new Mirror Ball champion will be crowned. Will it be the charismatic Super Bowl winner, Jacoby Jones, the determined Olympic gold medalist, Aly Raisman, the country superstar, Kellie Pickler, or the Disney starlet, Zendaya? Only time will tell, DWTS fans, but until then, we have an entire two-hour finale extravaganza to get through!

On tonight's Season 16 finale, one Mirror Ball hopeful will be eliminated within the first hour. Then, the final three will have one more challenge before the votes and scores are tallied and the winner is crowned.

Now, you're probably wondering how that could possibly take up the entire two hours. The short answer is... it can't. So there will be four musical performances to keep you occupied while the stars and pros prepare for their 24-hour Challenge. Not to mention, all eight eliminated contestants and their pros will return to the ballroom! (We've missed you, Andy Dick.)

So now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap the Season 16 Finale. And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments.

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more, and until the episode starts, remember to...

Dancing With the Stars Results: Season 16 Mirror Ball Winner Crowned
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9:00 -- Whoa. Remember when D.L. Hughley was on Season 16?

9:01 -- This music is so epic. I can't even deal.

9:02 -- Pro Troupe member Witney Carson has been front and center all season. I wouldn't be surprised if she replaced Lindsay on Season 17.

9:03 -- ANDY DICK! Love you, boo.

9:03 -- Also, Wynonna can't even dance in her intro. REALLY?!

9:05 -- Does Aly not like wearing shoes? Also, judging from this video recap, Aly's signature move is the shimmy.

9:07 -- I rewatched five seconds of Kellie and Derek's Freestyle, and I'm crying already.

9:11 -- Oh great. And now they're dancing it again. I can't handle my emotions.

9:13 -- Seriously, though. How does Kellie's body do THAT?

9:14 -- Brooke Burke calls it "one of my all-time favorites." For the first time ever, I think I'm agreeing with her.

9:17 -- Aly and Mark are the first couple eliminated. Sorry Aly, but at least you have 4 OLYMPIC MEDALS.

9:24 -- Who run the world? Zendaya.

9:24 -- Anyone else think it's cruel they're making Aly dance again after that elimination?

9:26 -- One of my personal favorite Bruno quotes from Season 16: "A star is born. BIG TIME."

9:27 -- Remember when Wynonna Judd was on the show?

9:28 -- Fact: Wynonna is a much better singer than a dancer. I am LOVING this cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is."

9:29 -- Also, can we talk about how Tony and Peta are sexing up the ballroom right now? Day-amn.

9:32 -- It's almost Instant Dance time! Jacoby is going to need all the luck he can get right now.

9:33 -- I just want "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke to follow me wherever I go. Thanks, DWTS.

9:35 -- "If the website works." Stop it, Tom. Stop being the best thing to ever happen to TV.

9:36 -- Lisa Vanderpump and her sexy pro... LEN GOODMAN are dancing the Foxtrot?

9:38 -- Wait, Tristan injured himself, too?! What is this cruel injustice? So much for luck of the Irish.

3:39 -- I'm sad we never got to see Dorothy Hamill dance past Week 2. This is actually pretty great.

9:40 -- Oh, wait, AND KRISTI YAMAGUCHI is here too?! This is too lovely.

9:45 -- Andy Dick. Stop. I just love you too much. HE JUST WANTS TO DANCE, SHARNA!

9:46 -- "Carrie Ann gave a 5! That bitch!" This is just so perfect. The Mirror Ball is his, bitches!

9:47 -- Andy and Sharna's Wonderland-inspired Jazz is still one of my favorites from the season. It basically feels like a Finale Freestyle.

9:49 -- Jacoby and Karina's Instant Dance is the Salsa. Interesting pick for Jacoby. "All my life, I had to fight," he says.

9:53 -- I can't really tell what PSY is doing right now... but I think I like it?

9:58 -- Kellie and Derek will be dancing Jive for their Instant Dance. "It's our last dance, y'all!" says Kellie. Yep. We know that, Kellie.

10:08 -- Val says he's "still pretty." I have to agree with that one. Val and Zendaya will be dancing the Jive for their Instant Dance.

10:12 -- I'm having flashbacks to Aly and Mark's booty-popping Samba right now thanks to this Pitbull performance.

10:19 -- Jacoby really needs to deliver during his Instant Dance.

10:20 -- More Ravens purple! Jacoby sure knows his audience.

10:21 -- This Salsa is actually better than all of his dances last night.

10:22 -- "For me, you're a breath of fresh air," says Len. We love the end of the season because all of the judges are just so nice and pleasant.

10:23 -- Carrie Ann says that "was a dance of a champion."

10:27 -- 10-10-10 for Jacoby and Karina. Doesn't everyone get a 10 at this point, though?

10:30 -- Kellie and Derek's Instant Jive is super fun, but Derek is totally out-performing her.

10:31 -- "You remind me of Julianne Hough," says Bruno. REALLY?

10:33 -- 10-10-10 for Kellie and Derek!

10:35 -- Let's do this, Valdaya.

10:36 -- "I'm definitely going to miss dancing with my grouchy pants." #FAMILY

10:37 -- Loving this Jive. Zendaya is so much to watch. Sorry, Kellie. But I think Zendaya won this Instant round.

10:39 -- "You don't just dance, you perform," says Len. Couldn't agree more with Len. She has the razzmatazz!

10:40 -- Len and Bruno both agree that Zendaya is a superstar in the making.

10:41 -- "Being around Zendaya... she's made me dream bigger. She's made me believe in myself again." Stop it, Val. You're making me cry!

10:45 -- 10-10-10 for Zendaya and Val! As if they'd score anything less...

10:47 -- You guys, I just want to feel this moment. Also, what is with this weird 70s-inspired rendition?

10:49 -- Who's in third place?! ... It's ... Jacoby and Karina! Sorry, Ravens fans. But is anyone really shocked by this?

10:57 -- And the Dancing With the Stars 2013 champion is... KELLIE PICKLER AND DEREK HOUGH!

10:58 -- After last night's epic Freestyle performance, Kellie really deserved this Mirror Ball.

What do you think, DWTS fans? Was the right winner crowned? Sound off in the comments!