DWTS Troupe Member Sharna Burgess on Season 14 Romances, Choreographing for KISS, and the Hottest Pros — Exclusive
DWTS Troupe Member Sharna Burgess on Season 14 Romances, Choreographing for KISS, and the Hottest Pros — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Troupe Member Sharna Burgess on Season 14 Romances, Choreographing for KISS, and the Hottest Pros — Exclusive


Dancing With the Stars Season 14 came to a dramatic close last night, and we're still in a great mood because of it. What a season!

We're happy to give you a little backstage dish on the show, straight from pro troupe member Sharna Burgess. Wetpaint Entertainment recently had a chance to chat with Sharna, and she opened up about what it's like to be on the troupe, the highlights of the season, and whether or not there were behind-the-scenes romances. Plus, she weighs in on the most important question of all: Who is the hottest pro?

Wetpaint Entertainment: What’s it been like to be in the troupe?
Sharna Burgess: It’s been fantastic. This is my second season being with the troupe. I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been wonderful choreographing so much for the show, getting to dance with so many artists, and it’s been such a great bunch of people this season and last season. They really find great personalities to work on this production which makes the job easy. And of course everyone is super talented. Every week it's been fun and every week it's been different.

I think all of us, of course, want to move up to a pro position. That’s always the goal. But we’re very happy and enjoying our group and our numbers and the things that we get to do. It’s quite special for ballroom dances, you don’t normally get to dance with, say , Kelly Clarkson or these other big music artists. Normally that’s not our world. So it opens up all those wonderful opportunities. I’ve choreographed for some amazing people and artists over the last two seasons that I will be forever be honored to have done. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

What's your favorite memory from this season?
My favorite day is always the first day, when it's that excited new energy and everyone is meeting for the first time. Other than that — maybe [the Finale performance show]. Everything was so on point. And the whole season — Though I will say, when KISS came in, I was a little bit beside myself. It was, for me, like the biggest thing ever. And that I got to choreograph that number — they asked me to do it because of course I'm the resident rock chick here, and my choreography style isn’t a just a normal type of ballroom dancing, I try to put a little bit of something different in there. When I found out that I was going to get to choreograph for KISS, my brain went into overload. I couldn’t believe it was real. It was a dream come true for me. So I think that was my moment that trumps others.

We're looking forward to All-Stars next season. Who so you want to see back for All-Stars?
It’s difficult to say, there’s been so many great ones. Nicole Scherzinger was amazing. Jennifer Grey was amazing. Hines [Ward] was amazing. Even Shawn Johnson. I thought she was such a fantastic little powerhouse and really know how to work and move it. Chelsea Kane! There's been fourteen seasons, so many fantastic personalities on that floor. It's difficult to just pick ten! Even Carson Kressley. I loved Carson Kressley from last season. He was just a joy and an entertainment to watch.

I’m excited to see who they bring back and what’s going to happen. It’ll be interesting to see which celebrities come back for this experience. Because it's definitely a huge, huge thing. It’s emotional, it's mental, it's physical. It’s ten weeks of your life but it could be like ten years by the time that you’re done. So people who are coming back are really making sure they’re ready to go in hard a second time and make sure it’s even better than the first. I’m just as excited about it as you are.

You said that you and the other troupe members would ideally like to become pros. How do people get chosen to be pros?
It’s kind of very much producer’s choice. It has a lot to do with the celebrities that they get on. So there’s the chemistry and the mix. It’s like putting it all on a big white board with photos and trying to connect the dots and see what you can do. And, of course, all the pros that we have right now are such super-favorites, you know what I mean? And we’re friends with them. So it’s difficult for us to want to bump one of them off so we can have a chance. So we try not to fight for it like that, because we’re all very supportive of each other. But we keep our fingers crossed that if the right opportunity comes and the right celebrity that they will give us a shot at it.

Speaking of the pros, we have to ask: Who do you think is the hottest guy?
Oooh. I have two different ones. I think out of the pros I would pick Tristan MacManus and Val Chmerkovskiy. I think Val is sexy but he’s kind of cool and calm about it. He’s got a really nice, suave energy and feel to him. He’s such a cool guy, so sweet, which only adds to the sexiness. Tristan for me — well it’s the accent. I mean come on, that accent. Even though you might never be able to understand it, it’s cute. And he’s also a phenomenally sweet personality, he’s so adorable.

We do love Tristan's accent!
It’s totally all about the accent. And you know what, you don’t get to see enough of his humor, but the man is funny. He’s so funny. He can say things that would not be funny from anyone else, it would only be funny from Tristan. He is just that guy, he’s got that charm.

There have been lots of romance rumors. Were there any behind-the-scenes romances this season?
You know, this season everyone is so busy and so focused that I haven’t seen any. I mean we have the couples that are already together like Sasha and Emma from the Troupe, but we haven’t actually had any serious romance that I’ve seen going on. That’s not to say that there isn’t, and not to say that it might not pop up between season and it's been kept a good secret, but honestly the level of talent on this season has been so high that everyone has just worked their butt off and stayed focused on it. But you know, there’s always a little something going on. So I’m sure in between seasons you might find something out.

And, finally, tell us a bit more about your career and how you got involved with DWTS
I choreographed a movie that just got released in Europe about two months ago. I was on Broadway and the West End, that’s how DWTS found me. They’d been trying to contract me since 2009, but I was always contracted to something else so I wasn’t able to do it. Last year in 2011 was the first time I was actually able to say yes to it because my contracts for working on the movie were finished. So it was two years in the making trying to get here, but I finally made it.

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