Dancing With the Stars Winners Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough Fail on GMA (VIDEO)
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Winners Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough Fail on GMA (VIDEO)

We finally found the one thing Derek Hough is bad at — answering questions about his winning Dancing With the Stars Season 16 partner Kellie Pickler.

The final four were on Good Morning America today after last night's Finals, and GMA did a round of "Two To Tango," asking the pros questions about their partners. When the dust settled … Mark Ballas revealed himself to be the true champion, answering the most questions about his partner, Aly Raisman! Once again, Val Chmerkovskiy had to settle for second with Zendaya Coleman, with Karina Smirnoff staying steady at third with Jacoby Jones, and Derek getting a big 0 at the bottom. We have a feeling he’ll rise above his anguish!

Here's just a sampling of the Q&A:

Who is Kellie's first celebrity crush?

Derek's answer: Channing Tatum

Kellie's real answer: Clint Eastwood

What is Kellie's worst habit?

Derek: "Her shoulders, in dancing."

Kellie's real answer: "My nail thing." She illustrated. Watch the video to see.

Zendaya's guilty pleasure is...

Val: "Ice cream."


If Zendaya had a superpower it would be...

Val: "To read minds"


Zendaya’s favorite color is...

Val: "Black"


What is Jacoby's favorite snack?

Karina: "Chick-fil-A”

Jacoby just bit his nails and rolled his eyes, Tom Bergeron answered for him: “Salt and vinegar chips”

What is Jacoby's hidden talent?

Karina: "Tooting?"

Tom: “Flatulence, yes! You had ‘singing’ on the card — we know better.”

What is Jacoby's worst habit?

Karina: "Biting his nails?"

Tom: "No, it's still flatulence!"

Aly's favorite color is...

Mark: "Pink"


When is Aly's birthday?

Mark: “May 25” (Just a couple of days from now!)


What does Aly do for good luck?

Mark: "She... this is a trick question. Nothing."


Mark deserves an honorary trophy for that. And Val did well too, he just took too long to answer the last question — there was a 30-second limit. So he wins, too. Give the man his own Mirror Ball!

Source: GMA (via YouTube)