DWTS Pro Witney Carson Has a Hot Boyfriend — Sorry Chris Soules!
Witney Carson and Boyfriend Carson McAllister
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Chris Soules

DWTS Pro Witney Carson Has a Hot Boyfriend — Sorry Chris Soules!


When Bachelor 19 Chris Soules and his fiancée and final pick Whitney Bischoff ended their engagement in May, many — including fellow Bach alums — were left wondering if Chris’ obvious connection with his Dancing With the Stars partner, Witney Carson, was to blame. We weren’t sure before, but now we can officially say that the pair is nothing more than friends!


In fact, Witney has herself a hunky boyfriend — but it’s not Chris. The 21-year-old pro dancer has been blowing up social media recently with cuddly photos of her and a handsome fella named Carson McAllister. So, naturally, we did some digging to find out more about him and their relationship.


As any DWTS diehard fan knows, Wit hails from Utah, and that’s where it appears these two first met. Judging by his Facebook and Instagram, they dated a little over three years ago when both were in high school.

So what went wrong? Well, Carson — full name: Kevin Carson McAllister — went to Southern Utah University, while Witney pursued her dancing dreams by moving to L.A. and first competing on So You Think You Can Dance before joining DWTS.


It seems that that’s not the only distance between these two: Judging by this blog, Carson left to fulfill his Mormon mission overseas — which usually lasts between 18 months and two years — and only returned home this May. Hey, that’s right around the time this Season 20 of DWTS ended! Funny, right?


Since Carson returned (and Witney took a hiatus from her on-screen dancing duties), the couple has been inseparable. They took a trip to Cancun together last month:

More recently, they snapped a cozy shot while attending a wedding a few weeks back. They also traveled to Sand Mountain, where they rode dune buggies and were just generally cute. Then, just last week, the pair rang in Carson’s 22nd birthday with some totally adorbs photobooth shots.

Happy 22nd birthday @carson.mcallister!So glad I was able to spend this special day with you. Xx

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With how hot and heavy Witney and Carson are, it’s pretty obvious there’s nothing but friendship and a professional partnership between Witney and the Bachelor. In fact, the last time they posted together was nearly two months ago, during DWTS finale week. Sure, they’ll be doing an appearance together in August, but that’s about where that connection ends.

All smiles for #DWTS finale week! Reunited with Farmer Joe. (I think he secretly missed the glitz & glam )

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So there you have it, guys! Sorry, but if you were holding out hope for these two, it’s time to let that dream go. Plus, it wasn’t the best match, if you really think about it. There may have been chemistry in their performances, but 33-year-old Chris is a solid 12 years older than Witney, and is super ready to settle down on the farm and have kids. We’d much rather have Wit competing for the Mirror Ball trophy each season — she’s got too much talent to stifle!