Bachelor in Paradise: Dylan Petitt Goes Home in a Shocking Twist!
Credit: ABC/Agustin Murillo    

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Dylan Petitt Goes Home in a Shocking Twist!

The dream of the ‘90s has been alive on Bachelor in Paradise for a couple weeks now, but in a twist that was so shocking we had to clutch our Dawson Leery poster, Dylan Petitt was sent home during Monday's Rose Ceremony. How will we live without his middle parted hair flop? HOW?

Dylan's exit from Bachelor in Paradise was surprising to say the least — especially because Elise Mosca offered him a rose. But thanks to the fact that she kinda-sorta cheated on him with Chris Bukowski in the ocean, Dylan decided that Elise was smothering him and rejected her completely. This was a huge risk, but what else was the poor guy supposed to do? Elise literally spent the entire episode saying things like "Dylan and I can overcome the storm" during an actual storm. He had to cut the cord somehow.

Luckily, Dylan (or as Chris Bukowski lovingly calls him, "Fat Damon") made sure to cover his bases by forming a potential love-connection with Elise's BFF, Sarah Herron, and taking her on a romantic date. Little did he know that Sarah would employ the age-old "bros before hos" policy (or, in this case, "hos before bros") and kick Dylan to the curb. Yep, Sarah chose Robert Graham over Dylan –– despite the fact that she had a great time on their date!

Our jaws hit the floor when Sarah double crossed Dylan and sent him packing, but the good news? We never have to listen to Elise talk about "visualizing their love" again.

Were you surprised that Dylan rejected Elise's rose and then got booted by his safety net (aka Sarah)? Let us know below!