Tamra Barney Reveals How Eddie Judge Is in Bed — What Did She Say? (VIDEO)
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Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney Reveals How Eddie Judge Is in Bed — What Did She Say? (VIDEO)

We already know that Tamra Barney and hubby Eddie Judge are going to “fail miserably” on Steve Harvey when it comes to playing the Newlyweds game on the May 1 episode. But you might be surprised at just how bad the Real Housewives of Orange County star and her man do. In fact, we learned way too much about the couple’s bedroom escapades — and how different they both see their abilities in the sack.

“Tamra and Eddie, the newlyweds!” host Steve says. “My husband is [blank] in bed.”

The blonde bombshell turns around her screen, showing the word “quick,” which elicits a giggle from both herself and the audience. But don’t worry, Steve comes to Eddie’s defense!

“See, let me explain that. It don’t take all day,” he says, getting a big thanks from Eddie. “Maybe Eddie in here bringing it and getting the job done. You know, if you through, he through.” Hmm, seems fair enough.

It’s time for Eddie to try to salvage as much of his bedroom skills as he can. Go for it, dude! “You forgot one word,” Eddie said to his lovely wife, turning his screen around to reveal the word “amazing.”

What Tamra then said still has us shaking our head in disbelief: “He’s amazingly quick,” she revealed.

Yo, Tamz. Ever heard of TMI?

Credit : Steve Harvey

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