Slade Smiley Gets Gretchen Rossi a Rolls Royce For Her Birthday
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Slade Smiley Gets Gretchen Rossi a Rolls Royce For Her Birthday

In Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, episode 8, Slade Smiley surprises Gretchen Rossi with a brand new car for her birthday. Well, sort of.

When a valet drives up with a shiny white Rolls Royce wrapped up in a bow, Gretchen freaks out when Slade tells her the car is for her birthday. She wants to know who bought the car, was it him, or was it her? Did they suddenly become rich or something?

Slade practically shoves Gretchen into the driver’s seat even though she’s “totally scared” to be behind the wheel of the behemoth Rolls. She wants to know where the heck the car came from, and Slade finally explains.

He didn’t really buy it for her birthday, it’s just a lease. He tells her the lease on the Rolls is only a “few hundred dollars” more than the lease on her Mercedes was. He doesn’t actually say he’s going to be paying those extra couple hundred bucks though.

Gretchen is like, okay... so her lease was coming up soon and he knew she was looking for a new car, so he picked this one out for her. Then she wonders... did he tell her accountant not to make the next payment on the Mercedes? Uh-oh.

This is the point at which Gretchen calls Slade a s**thead and he better not mess up her finances or she is going to kill him. We have to wonder if he was rethinking that birthday surprise!