E.G. Daily Eliminated on The Voice: Did Blake Shelton Make the Right Call?
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The Voice

E.G. Daily Eliminated on The Voice: Did Blake Shelton Make the Right Call?

Hearts broke all over America last night as we watched The Voice’s Blake Shelton send home the sweet E. G. Daily, who once played the raspy-voiced Dottie on Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure.

As it turns out, it was that very rasp that was her demise in the knockout round against soul singer Ray Boudreaux. As Christina Aguilera told her, Ray had more control, going on to say, “That rasp did favor to you but there were definitely moments where it did lack control … where your voice broke where I don’t think it was supposed to.”

It was up to coach Blake, and in the end he agreed with Christina. While he appreciated that E.G. did what he recommended in showing the softer side of her vocals, he felt the breaks in her voice weren’t supposed to be there.

Because they’re both such great performers and they did what he had asked of them during rehearsals, Blake had to go with the technical aspects. As he said of the voice breaks, “They’re eating me alive.” On the other hand, Blake joked with Ray about his ability to deliver the goods, saying, “I’m jealous because I wish I could do that. It’s studly.”

It was sad to see her E.G. go but, as Cee Lo Green, who has fought for her in the past during the season, said, “It will be no secret to anyone ever again just how talented you really are.”

What do you think — did Blake do the right thing by sending E.G. home? Sound off in today’s poll!