Elena the Badass: Her Best Stunts on The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

Elena the Badass: Her Best Stunts on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire DiariesElena (Nina Dobrev) is good at many, many things. She can grow excellent hair that is both shiny and manageable. She can lend an ear should her friends need someone to talk to. She can look sad. She can look happy. She can scream in fits of rage and grief.

Elena can also do some pretty out-there stunts. Sure, now that she’s undead she can push herself to her true physical limits... which are almost nonexistent. But even as a mere mortal, we saw our gal do some pretty kooky things with her body, and all in the name of more awesome viewing stuntness for us kids.

Remember when Stefan (Paul Wesley) was in the midst of his whole having-no-feelings-for-Elena thing and he had no time for her? Elena would do anything to get his attention, to get him to prove that the old Stefan was still in there somewhere. One particularly awesome moment was when Elena, having had just about all she could handle of sassy Stefan, flung herself from on top of the bleachers on the football field. Could she have landed in a crumpled plop on the ground? Yes. Would she then have been known as “Busted Face” Gilbert? Probably. Did it happen? No, because of course Stefan swooped her up out of the air because he has so many feelings for both her and her fabulous hair.

But Elena’s also been known to save him right back. When he was trapped down a vervain-filled well, she strapped herself to a chain and lowered herself down to rescue him, like his knight in shining tresses. Then there was the time Elena was negotiating with Elijah (Daniel Gillies) for her friends’ safety. When the Original told her she had nothing left to bargain with, the human took a knife and stabbed herself in the gut, letting herself bleed until Elijah made the deal.

All of that said, she was still a mortal when all that went down. That’s why our favorite stunt-Elena moment was when Stefan — in a bid to keep Elena from being too much like Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in her early vampire days — took her out to ride his motorcycle. It was very old-school sexy. But it wasn’t the ‘yum’ factor that stayed with us, it was when Elena stood on the back of the motorcycle, both arms extended at her sides embracing her new strength and savoring some danger.

What are your favorite stunt scenes from the show? Not just Elena’s stunts, but everyone’s! Sharing is caring.

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