Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Nina “Horribly Compassionate” But Not in Love With Chris — Exclusive
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America's Next Top Model

Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Nina “Horribly Compassionate” But Not in Love With Chris — Exclusive

America’s Next Top Model’s Cycle 20 is winding down, so none of the guys and gals are safe. Last week’s episode saw two models head home in a shocking double elimination, and unfortunately it was time for fan favorite Nina Burns to say goodbye.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Nina after her elimination and spoke with her about her relationship with Chris Hernandez, her unique look, and whether or not she would ever consider returning for an All-Star season.

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Wetpaint Entertainment: What was it like growing up with such a unique look?

Nina Burns: I was awkward from Day 1. I was the stereotypical strange girl in high school. I was never the most popular girl or the prettiest girl — but I didn’t let that get me down. I was always a positive person, it wasn’t a dark time at all. I had a rainbow of friends. Growing up, that definitely made me who I am — someone who is a bunch of different types of things.

Have you always known that you wanted to become a model?

Oh my gosh, I have been watching Top Model for year, so it was a dream of mine. When I was about 14, I had a friend come up to me and say, “You’re really cool looking. Can I take your picture?” And then that dream kind of came into a reality, and everything fell into place, and I was like, “This is what I’m meant for.”

Did you watch Cycle 12 and All-Stars with Allison Harvard? What do you think about comparisons between you guys?

I think it’s an honor to be compared to her. It’s so amazing to be compared to all the [weird girls from Top Model history] because watching those seasons, all those girls were my favorite models because they were who I could relate to the most. It’s cool that there’s two quirky girls out there in the world.

Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Nina “Horribly Compassionate” But Not in Love With Chris — Exclusive
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Last week’s episode started out with Tyra Banks coming to the house. Was your relationship with Chris Hernandez the only focus of the conversation?

For editing purposes, my little session with her wasn’t aired as much because that did happen with Chris. But what I was so concerned about is that my personality is something that can either make me or break me, so she was really giving me words of advice on how to channel my weirdness and make it my own. Sometimes there’s places for your personality, and sometimes you have to be a model and adapt to any type of things. Making weird beautiful, which I adored, was something she helped me out with.

And with Chris, when it was his time to speak, when he said that he doesn’t have any friends in the house, I was not going to not speak up, OK? Of course, the viewers wouldn’t have thought that there was a connection if there wasn’t one, so I spoke up and said that he was my guy. It broke my heart that he didn’t have anyone to hang out with. It’s just the kind of heart that I have. I want everyone to feel special and included because that’s a very sucky thing, not to be able to hang out with cool people.

When you were riding with Jourdan on the elephant, she said that Chris deserved to be alone. Did you take offense to that?

I didn’t necessarily take offense to it. The whole house was ganging up on Chris, and he deserved it in a sense. He would say he was sorry, that he didn’t know how to love and hang out, but at the same time, he never tried. All the people in the house were sick of trying, but the competition was about focusing on yourself.

With me, I can’t help but feel bad. I’m like a horribly compassionate person, so of course it’s going to bother me that he felt that he was bullied, but everyone tried to help him, not just me, and they failed. I was just the one who didn’t want to give up.

Do you think your relationship with Chris hindered you in the competition?

The week where I was eliminated, I had been on top for the last two weeks and I was finally able to feel confident. Everyone made a joke that I hadn’t cried that week, and then they had to eliminate me to get my tears and continue my crying habit in each episode.

What is your relationship with Chris like today, now that the show is over?

I blame editing for making it seem like I was in love with the guy. I just really wanted to include him and stuff, but me and Chris are fine now. We’re not as close as what we were in the house, but I just saw him for Alexandra’s birthday and there’s no bad energy whatsoever. That being said, there’s definitely some people that you shouldn’t keep so close, and that’s what I’ve realized with Chris.

What are your thoughts about the endgame this season?

The guys have proven to be strong competitors in this cycle. Each week, they have proven that there are more guys in the competition than girls, so they definitely pose a threat. Everyone keeps telling me that I’ve made it so far — that I’m Top 3 girls — but there are guys in the competition, too, and they are competing with me. I’m Team Cory all the way! He’s such a beautiful person.

If you got asked to be on the next All-Star season, would you do it?

Wow! Yes. I would definitely come back. I definitely have something to prove.

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