Did The Right People Go Home on The Voice? November 12, 2013
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The Voice

Did The Right People Go Home on The Voice? November 12, 2013

We love The Voice but there’s no denying NBC’s hit reality show dropped the ball during Tuesday, November 12’s elimination show. In an attempt at drama, host Carson Daly announced a new twist: the Twitter elimination. While this may sound intriguing at first, it went over like a lead balloon.

The biggest hitch? It left out voters who live on the West Coast, who were none too happy about the news. That’s a pretty significant chunk of voters to be completely isolated from helping to make the final decision. And if you scroll the comments on many of the recaps from last night’s show, you’ll find that there are also plenty of East Coaster who don’t have Twitter accounts that felt just as excluded.

Although mentor Blake Shelton thought he saw a lot of votes for saving rock artist Jonny Gray while scrolling his newsfeed during the commercial break, Kat Robichaud ended up being the one who lived to see another day. That meant Jonny of Team Cee Lo and Josh Logan of Team Chrstina went home.

Twitter kerfuffle aside, we think that ultimately the correct decision was made. Jonny and Josh have both been amazing but Kat has been the one who lights up the stage with her supercharged performances nearly every time. In the end, though, we can all likely agree that the Twitter elimination was one giant debacle that should be dropped into the Volcano Of TV Doom.

The only question left to answer is just what kind of voodoo is Blake practicing in his dressing room to manage to hold on to every single team member. This is especially shocking considering he has no country artists to speak of, and seems to take this season about as seriously as a hangnail.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode of The Voice? Did the right people go home? And what did you make of that Twitter thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.