Bachelor in Paradise: Elise Mosca Met Chris Bukowski’s Parents!
Credit: Chris Bukowski on Instagram    

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: Elise Mosca Met Chris Bukowski’s Parents!

All you skeptics, take notice. Following their dual exit from Bachelor in Paradise after knowing one another for only a matter of days, Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca faced a lot of doubt over their relationship — even from their pals on the show. But little did we know, the showmance continued into the real world… and parents were even introduced!

Chris and Elise’s premature Episode 3 departure — thanks to his knee injury — aired on August 18, the four-time Bachelor franchise alum took to Instagram to prove that these two really gave things a shot after the cameras stopped filming. In fact, Bu-chicka-wowski even introduced the 28-year-old former schoolteacher to his Polish parents in the weeks after!

“There was a hometown date with my P's after paradise. @elisemosca #BachelorInParadise #NoSequins #PolishBrandy,” Chris captioned the fun shot, which Elise dutifully reposted.

In the sweet pic, the Bukowskis are beaming with their blonde guest, as all are holding shots of some unidentified alcohol. How cute are they?! Sure looks like the lovely lady was fitting in fantastically with the Chicago-based brood, but as we now know, the couple has since split. But we thought Elise said she saw forever with Chris!?

Alas, forever love doesn’t always happen (re: very rarely) after a reality dating show. At least we know these two are still on great terms, if their social media activity says anything. How mature!

Are you surprised that Elise and Chris actually gave it a try? Why do you think they broke up? Sound off down below.

Source: Chris Bukowski on Instagram