Elise Mosca Defends Leaving Bachelor in Paradise With Chris Bukowski
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Elise Mosca Defends Leaving Bachelor in Paradise With Chris Bukowski

Sparkly blonde Elise Mosca “shocked” viewers when she left Bachelor in Paradise with injured Chris Bukowski, and by shocked we mean we weren’t surprised one bit. Girlfriend flat out said Chris was her “man forever” and that she’s a nurturer, so it stands to reason she’d want to hobble off into the sunset with him. But she did catch some raised eyebrows for the move, and now she’s defending her decision.

Ms. Rainbow Connection told ABC News that she thinks she made the right decision — despite the relationship fizzling out a month later. “I came to Paradise to leave with someone, to have a boyfriend, to start something,” she says. “If leaving with Chris was the first step of that, I was willing to take it and I’m glad I did.”

The two jetted to Chris’s hometown of Chicago for about a week, before maintaining a long-distance relationship for about a month. Elise says, "I was excited and felt honored that he wanted me to meet his family and see his hometown." According to a photo she posted on Instagram, that meeting went better than any Hometown Date we’ve seen on The Bachelor or Bachelorette — it appears the happy couple took the #YOPO mentality back with them and did shots with Chris’s parents!

Elise defends her decision to head home with Chris further, reasoning that "at the end of the day, if I didn't leave with Chris, I would always be wondering what would have happened if I didn't go with him. That made him special, that he wanted me to meet his family and take the next steps in our relationship."

We’re glad she’s happy with her decision, even if it didn’t work out in the end. Though we will miss her sparkly outfits and silver lining logic on next week’s episode.

Do you think Elise made the right decision to leave with Chris, or should she have taken her chanced in Paradise? Tell us below!

Source: ABC News