The Bachelor 2014: Elise Mosca’s Sexy Video May Affect Her Teaching Job
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The Bachelor 2014: Elise Mosca’s Sexy Video May Affect Her Teaching Job

Elise Mosca seemed so demure on The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 2 — the first-grade teacher traded costumes with "free spirit" Lucy Aragon so she wouldn't have to take her clothes off in the group date photo shoot. But a strange video called "Yule Log Hotties" is now the talk of Elise’s Pennsylvania school district and it could cost her the job… if she even wants it anymore.

The video was released back in 2005, but spoiler king Reality Steve recently dug it up when looking through Elise's acting resume. The full-length feature is supposedly 65-minutes long (!), but Steve condensed it to the 13 minutes featuring our Bachelor girl. It just shows Elise and a few other women in lingerie, sitting by a fire next to a Christmas tree. They roast marshmallows, play cards and occasionally touch each other.

It's less sexy than silly, but more than anything, it’s just boring. (And the music!) Check out part of it, if you want, but a little pro tip: don’t waste your life to watch the whole thing:

According to local newspaper Citizens' Voice, Elise is currently on unpaid leave from her teaching job at Heights Elementary School in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District. She's said to now be living in Los Angeles, reportedly working as a cocktail waitress at the Playhouse Nightclub.

Elise was initially approved for unpaid leave for the first semester on September 9, the newspaper reports, and there was a new vote earlier this week to extend her leave.

Superintendent Bernard S. Prevuznak told the paper he heard about the "Yule Log Hotties" video but he hadn't watched it yet. He planned to speak with the school district attorney to see if they should or would take any further steps. Teachers there can be fired for "immorality" which the state courts reportedly define as conduct that "offends the morals of the community and is a bad example to the youth whose ideals a teacher is supposed to foster and to elevate."

The superintendent said he's concerned with "teachers presenting a positive image. We want them to be role models."

That's what Juan Pablo Galavis is looking for, too, a role model for his daughter. It’s probably not Elise — who may have recently set up some paparazzi photos in Santa Monica, and reportedly hooked up with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in the past — but what exactly did she do that was so wrong?

She's now 27 and has an embarrassing video in her past from 2005. So what? She’s not being paid while on leave, she’s not picking up any district benefits, and it's possible she wants to stay out in L.A. anyway. So if she does lose her job, it may not be that big a deal. (Why would you even want to go back to that school knowing your boss, colleagues, and students’ parents have probably all seen that ridiculous video?)

Then again, the decision to approve her unpaid leave was reportedly criticized, since some people said private-sector employees would have to resign if they wanted to spend months away from their jobs in an attempt to find reality TV fame. Maybe she will just end up resigning.

What would you do, if you were Elise? Return to the job, since this video is about nine years old and has no connection to her current behavior? Stay in the L.A. area and don’t look back? Tell us below!

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