Elise Mosca Wishes She Was on Chris Soules’ Season of The Bachelor
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Elise Mosca Wishes She Was on Chris Soules’ Season of The Bachelor

Know what would make Chris Soules’ stint as Bachelor even better than we could ever dream? Elise Mosca prancing around the Mansion in sequined cowgirl boots, telling all the other ladies in the house how married she and the farmer already are.

Apparently the blond believer in rainbows and sparkly things shares our sentiment; she said as much on Instagram! Elise posted a photo of herself and The Bachelor 2015 with the caption, “Congratulations @souleschris our new Bachelor! Chris is such a sweet guy...makes me wish I was on this season! Best wishes with your new and exciting journey!” Where’s an ABC casting director when you need one?

Elise has looked for love on reality television a couple of times now, getting eliminated in Episode 4 of Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor and then striking out with both Dylan Petitt and Chris Bukowski on Bachelor in Paradise. Her past misses make her prime for a hit in our minds, and even if she didn’t end up with Chris’s Final Rose we’d still like to see her try. Think we’re wrong? Just imagine Elise and Chris’s mom sharing a bottle of wine and then sharing their thoughts on life. Cinematic G-O-L-D.

Chris has said that one of the things he’s looking for in a lady love is “somebody you just know in your heart that it just works and it's going to work forever.” Elise felt that way about both Dylan and that other Chris, so we’re sure she can summon those feelings again for you C.Soules. C’mon, give her a chance!

Would you watch Elise compete for Chris, or is it someone else’s turn for a chance at love? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Elise Mosca on Instagram