Elizabeth Berkley Eliminated From Dancing With the Stars: I Felt a “Sucker-Punch”
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Elizabeth Berkley Eliminated From Dancing With the Stars: I Felt a “Sucker-Punch”

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy were the latest shocking elimination on Dancing With the Stars Season 17, leaving Week 9 close to the top of the Leaderboard, having finished the night with a perfect score. But this duo is still smiling.

Elizabeth told Us Weekly she’s going to stand by that old saying “don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened” — though that doesn’t mean she isn’t upset.

“I felt a little sucker-punch because I was excited about next week, and I just feel like we got cut short a little bit,” she said, tearing up as she talked to Us Weekly. "The gift of the love affair I have with dance has returned. This isn't sad, it's just a very deep thing [Val] helped me reconnect to and I'm forever grateful. It's like a full circle love affair."

After the show, Val told On the Red Carpet, "I don't know how to react because I wasn't ready, I wasn't prepared to say anything. I'm just grateful for a great season, I'm grateful to Elizabeth, she stuck with me, I'm not an easy person to stick around." He said for him the show is not about trophies it's about self-accomplishment. "I met Elizabeth Berkley and I'm leaving with an incredible friend." He wants to celebrate that. "There are no hard feelings."

She wasn't there to talk, but Val said it wasn't because she was too emotional. Elizabeth loves people and she was consoling others and wanted to say goodbye to everyone. He admitted it annoyed him when it took time away from their dance rehearsals but he loves and celebrates that about her now that he has time to appreciate it.

When Elizabeth arrived to talk, she wasn’t crying anymore about the elimination. "I was surprised, not in an entitled way, like ‘Oh I should be there,’ I was looking forward to the joy of next week. We had Paso Doble, you know, things I hadn't done before so I was excited to explore that. But Val's an amazing partner and we're going to be friends for a long time and maybe do something creative together soon … It just feels a little cut short at the moment but that's OK. It's given me so much."

Watch their On the Red Carpet video below. She’s such a classy lady. We’ll miss them both!

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