Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Makes Out With a Mannequin at Her ELLE Cover Shoot (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus made a splash with her latest magazine photoshoot if only because she’s actually wearing a complete outfit. No, really. She’s covered nearly head to toe in a bedazzled jumpsuit on the cover of May’s ELLE magazine. Of course, a more subdued outfit doesn’t mean Miley kept it as turned down backstage.

In behind-the-scenes footage courtesy of ELLE, we see Miley being Miley as she mugs for the camera. Highlights include her hanging out with a hyper dog on a leash (unfortunately, it’s not her new little powder puff Moonie) and dancing by herself in between camera flashes.

The most Miley moment though? When she airs her tongue and locks lips with a mannequin head. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. See for yourself in the video above.

It’s nice to see Miley smiling and happy in the shoot. More recently she’s been feeling down since her beloved pup Floyd died. While the ELLE photos probably happened long before she lost her dog, it’s still a relief to see the bubbly, fun-loving, crazy side of Miley. Sure, it can be a bit much at times but we’ll take a wound up pop star over a horribly depressed one any day.

What do you make of Miley’s photoshoot? Love the toned down look or wish she’d flash a little more Miley? Hit the comments!