Ellen DeGeneres Locks Lips With Which Famous Actor? (VIDEO)

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is full of dancing, laughs, and… kisses? Former Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe stopped by the hit talk show for the April 9 episode, and things got pretty steamy between him and Ellen. Homegirl practically leapt out of her chair in order to plant a big ol’ kiss on the 50-year-old actor — but why?

When discussing his new book, Love Life, Ellen brought up the story of him nearly hooking up with pop queen Madonna. Rob discussed the missed opportunity to get down with Madge and, pretty philosophically, related the topic to life in general and what it really means to have fun.

But before things got too deep, Ellen asked him about the many kisses he’s shared throughout his many years of acting. Rob shared one tidbit that actually shocked us all: Someone didn’t want to kiss him! The person in question is Jewel, back when she appeared on Rob’s failed NBC legal drama, The Lyons’ Den.

When Rob decided to show (rather than tell) the audience what had gone down on the set between himself and Jewel, the audience squealed with glee. Rob played Jewel and Ellen played Rob, with the Behind the Candelabra actor showing us exactly what the “Intuition” singer did back in the day to make the pages of his memoir.

This is literally the greatest thing we’ve ever seen.

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