Ellen Page’s ‘Gaycation’ Docuseries Is Scary, Sobering, Uplifting (VIDEO)
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Ellen Page’s ‘Gaycation’ Docuseries Is Scary, Sobering, Uplifting (VIDEO)


Ellen Page traveled around the world with her best friend, but their Gaycation wasn’t just R&R.

For their new Viceland docuseries, she and Ian Daniel traveled everywhere from Brazil to Japan to see the treatment of LGBT individuals worldwide.

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“I don’t think you can anticipate the actual degree of what you’re going to feel,” the Freeheld actress tells BuzzFeed.

“I’m a privileged person. I’m a privileged gay person. [The show] helped me understand, even more so, how much more vulnerable people are.”

In this new trailer for the upcoming show, we see Ellen and Ian attend Jamaica’s first Pride celebration, interview a gender-nonconforming Native American, inspect another interviewee’s acid burns, and even confront Ted Cruz at a state fair.

“LGBT people can be fired for just being gay or for just being trans,” Ellen says to the Republican presidential candidate. “That just doesn’t sound very American to me.”

And that tense encounter wasn’t even nearly their most uncomfortable experience.

“There is a disorder in you,” one man tells Ellen. “And I’m not going to buy into that it is not a disorder.”

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In another Viceland trailer, Ellen and Ian talk to a Brazilian cop who has killed gay people and vows to do it again.

“We’re gay,” Ellen tells him. “And I’m wondering if you think it’s better for the world for us to be dead.”

Still, she and Ian see not just the worst but the best of humanity in the places they visit.

“It’s about being just being able to live,” Jamaican activist Angeline Jackson tells them. “Not just exist.”

“You feel such a sadness and frustration and confusion for how much people have to struggle,” Ellen tells BuzzFeed.

“And then, of course, you feel so inspired and so humbled by just how much you’ve been able to learn, how extraordinary people have been to us, how vulnerable and generous they are. That’s what you’re left with.”

Or, as one elderly Japanese man tells Ellen and Ian, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you gayer.”

Gaycation premieres on Wednesday, March 2, at 10 p.m. ET on Viceland.